How can I bring my hair back to life?

The only product on the market that can speak to the dead, is K18.
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Do you apply a night time serum to your face?

What are you doing for your scalp - your scalp ages 6 times faster than your face.
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Is your body distributing vitamins to your hair?

Let's make sure of it!
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You know there's metals in your hair?

They disturb colour, they can increase breakage - lets get them out of there.

Is your hair shedding more than ever?

Nioxin's Sandalore will reduce your hair shedding by 20% in 8 weeks!

Do you use good products on your scalp & hair?

You may be undoing some of that hard work, with heat damage. Time to switch to Supersonic!


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Great hair starts with a great scalp…

Which means, great advice is essential.