A consultation is the best way to get a plan in place. Whether you’re going through major hair loss, scalp issues or just want to start protecting your hair through your scalp, be proactive and book in!

How it works

They take place over Zoom. When you book in, you will receive a Pre Consultation Form – set some time aside to fill that in. Pictures are essential, so please attach those to the form when sending it back to us. The Consultation cannot take place without the completed form and pictures. Please try and get the details to us, one week prior to your Consultation.


Book a consultation

There is a huge demand for our online clinic – so when you see a slot, grab it! Each month, we release the dates for the following month. So for example, in September we release dates for October.


Chat with us

The Consultation is 30 minutes long. It is extremely comprehensive. We educate you on the scalp and hair, your possible condition and agree a plan. 


Get personalised advise

After your Consultation you will receive a Prescription via email. This will outline the plan and also give you a unique discount code which can be used on our online shop.

Our Consultants


Claire Fullam lost 90% of her hair in 2016 due to Alopecia Areata. Claire, very publicly, spoke about the effects this had on her life physically, mentally and emotionally. The response to Claire’s story was astonishing. Over time Claire’s hair grew back and thankfully has never completely fallen again since. Claire has gone on to study Trichology, which involves continuous educating and assessment. She is completely committed to making hair loss her life’s work…

Claire’s expert subjects

Every type of hairloss, from after pregnancy to menopause, to acute conditions like Androgenetic Alopecia, Lichen Planopilaris, Alopecia Totalis. Also, scalp conditions like psoriasis, dandruff, excessively oily scalps and everything in between. 

Claire’s favourite subject

Alopecia Areata. 

Claire’s hope for her clients

That they feel empowered and educated enough to make their own decisions about their scalp and hair. 

Claire’s favourite product

Therarx, a scalp exfoliator. 

Claire’s favourite hair tool

The Dyson Supersonic.


Sarh started hairdressing when she was just 15 – at 20 she packed up and moved to New York and worked in a high end, elite New York salon for 4 years. When she returned home to Kildare, she opened her own very successful salon which she ran for 14 years. Her interest in the scalp came from her time using and recommending Nioxin, she went on to complete a huge amount of scalp and hair loss courses. Sarah has suffered with hairloss herself, after the birth of her first child –  she lost a significant amount of hair and goes through regular bouts of loss due to stress. Sarah is an educator for Annutri and Moroccan Oil and has a huge passion for all things scalp and hair.

Sarah’s expert subjects

All things hair, colour, styling and products. Also postpartum hairloss, peri menopause hairloss, menopause scalp issues, cases of Telogen Effifluvium and everything in between.

Sarah’s favourite product

L’Oréal Metal Detox Oil

Sarah’s favourite hair tool

The Dyson Airwrap 

Sarah’s favourite subject


We are now fully booked for april

Please keep an eye on our Instagram Page to be the first to know about our New May Consultation Dates. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office if you need any advice on scalp or hair care.