Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil


This is best used after your Step 1 and Step 2 – after you’ve towel dried the hair and scalp. This will do 3 jobs – it will protect your scalp for UV Light (which is hugely important), it will also keep your scalp energized for hours after the shower and it also gives the hair some lift and volume, so you instantly feel like the hair is fuller and thicker.

How To Use : Apply 1-2 pumps into to the palm of your hand, use your finger to massage product into areas of concern, generally the hairline and the crown area. Use some heat protect and style your hair.

How to Use Shake well. Apply on damp hair & scalp up to 9 pumps evenly on the scalp, massage and comb. Apply evenly to entire scalp. Do not rinse

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