Watermans Trio Bundle

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A bespoke formula with a mix of natural ancient ingredients and modern clinically proven ingredients to encourage healthy hair growth that helps combat hair problems. The follicle feeding formula revitalises dull, dry, lifeless hair bringing back the youthfulness to thin, flyaway hair, returning your luscious locks to their former glory.  Want visibly fuller, thicker, healthier hair? Nourish you’re follicles in addition to making your scalp the optimal environment for healthy hair growth. Elixir is a no rinse, leave-in treatment to be applied directly to scalp. Vegan friendly. Sulphate Free. Paraban Free. Cruelty Free. Suitable For Children.

Shampoo: Always shampoo the hair and scalp twice. A euro sized amount of shampoo is more than enough. Create a lather in the hands and pop it into the scalp. Spend 30 seconds massaging the scalp, ignoring the hair. After the 30 seconds rinse well. 

Your second shampoo should be half the amount of product. Again, lathering into the hands and straight onto the scalp, this time you should get a much greater lather even when using half the amount of product. This time involve the ends of your hair very gently and leave for two minutes, bringing under the hairline. Rinse well. 

Conditioner: After Shampooing, rinse hair and apply Watermans Condition Me, massage into hair from root to tip and leave for 2-3 Minutes, Rinse hair thoroughly. For a Deep conditioning treatment cover hair with a plastic cap or towel. Keep on hair for 15 – 20 minutes. Remove cap or towel and rinse thorough.

Elixir: Using the directional nozzle distribute the tonic directly and evenly into various places around the scalp, massage into the scalp and leave in to penetrate. Slightly tip your head backwards to control any drips. The best time to use this is straight after a hair wash. For best results use every evening too.

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