Martinsson King Volume Infusion Serum – 100ml


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Energising, weightless serum for added strength and volume boost.   Strong volume and fullness: Build body and strength in fine, flat hair with this unique dual-function serum. No sticky feeling: This serum absorbs completely into the hair to build amazing volume, without any dry or stiff feeling. Boost your style: Just apply a few drops to towel-dried hair and blow dry for instant volume and body Create the perfect result for you: You can also blend a few drops of this serum with one of our shampoos or conditioners, in the palm of your hand, to make them even lighter and more volumising.

This is a versatile product – you can pop it into damp roots and blow dry in. Or you can add this to your shampoos etc for extra volume!

VP/VA Copolymer Holds a style longer by preventing moisture from entering the hair shaft.
Sodium PCA Naturally occurring humectant derivative of amino acids.
Propanediol Reduces the viscosity of a formulation.
Hydroxyethylcellulose Plant-derived amino acid used as a preservative.
Panthenol Vitamin Pro B-5, anti-static, conditioning molecules.
Polysorbate 20 Naturally derived emulsifier from coconut oil.
Citric Acid A natural preservative, pH-adjuster.
Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate Naturally-derived, improves the efficacy of preservatives and antioxidants
Potassium Hydroxide pH balance
Sodium Benzoate Preservative

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