Martinsson King Smoothing Infusion Serum


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Anti-frizz serum with camellia oil for intense moisture and shine. 100% vegan, sustainable ingredients. Intense moisture and shine: Japanese Camellia Oil brings effective anti-frizz and locks youthful flexibility into each strand. No sticky feeling: This unique dual/function serum absorbs completely into the hair to nourish each strand from within. Boost your style: Just apply a few drops to towel-dried hair to tame and control thick, curly or frizzy hair. Create the perfect result for you: You can also blend a few drops of this serum with one of our shampoos or conditioners, in the palm of your hand, for an added boost of softness and moisture.

This is a versatile product – you can pop it into damp hair and blow dry in. Or you can add this to your conditioners and masks etc for extra smoothness.

Dimethicone A water-soluble, lightweight silicone
Dimethiconol A silicone polymer
Camellia Japonica Seed Oil Nourishing, hydrating, softening camellia oil.

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