Martinsson King JBF Texture Dry Finishing Spray – 300ml


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Wet or dry defining spray for a shiny textured look in long or short hair. 100% vegan, sustainable ingredients. Flexible texture and shine: Use on wet or dry hair to build soft movement and waves. Instant beach look: Get shape and definition in your hair without a salty feel. Great on wavy or curly hair: Adds shine and definition to hair with existing texture while maintaining the natural look and feel.

After naturally styling or texture blow-drying, add a few short burst throughout the hair.

Dimethyl Ether Organic aerosol propellant
Alcohol Denat. Astringent, preservative and antimicrobial
PEG-32 Emulsifier/stabiliser
VP/VA Copolymer Film forming polymer to hold a style longer by preventing moisture from entering the hair shaft.
Panthenol Vitamin Pro B-5, anti-static, conditioning molecules.
PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Natural castor oil
Hydrated Silica Natural mineral compound to absorb excess moisture
Citric Acid A natural preservative, pH-adjuster.

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