Martinsson King Essential Cleanse Shampoo – 250ml


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Lightly hydrating volume shampoo to improve fullness, gently detox and bring back shine. Suitable forfine, flat or dull hair, oily roots and sensitive scalps. Deep and gentle cleanse: Create a fresh and lasting feeling. Perfect for finer, thinner hair types and scalps that can easily get greasy. Feel your hair coming back to life: Give energy and youthful bounce to tired hair. Weightless hydration: Boost the natural health and moisture of your hair without weighing it down. Fullness and shine: Regain the youthful glow of your hair. Bring back volume and lustre. Colour protection: Preserves highlights and colour treatments from fading. Your precious tones will stay vibrant and alive. Extension safe: This silicone-free formula protects and nurtures both your own hair and human hair extensions.

Always shampoo the hair and scalp twice. A euro sized amount of shampoo is more than enough. Create a lather in the hands and pop it into the scalp. Spend 30 seconds massaging the scalp, ignoring the hair. After the 30 seconds rinse well. 

Your second shampoo should be half the amount of product. Again, lathering into the hands and straight onto the scalp, this time you should get a much greater lather even when using half the amount of product. This time involve the ends of your hair very gently and leave for two minutes, bringing under the hairline. Rinse well. 

Aqua Cocamidopropyl BetaineCleansing & conditioning agent made from coconut oil.Sodium Lauryl SulfoacetateCleansing agent derived from coconut oil.Sodium Lauroyl SarcosinateCleansing and foaming agent that enhances the softness and sheen.GlycerinNaturally sourced moisturiser for hair and scalp.Coco-GlucosideNatural cleansing agent derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar.Decyl GlucosideMild, plant-derived cleansing agent.Acrylates CopolymerStabiliser/thickener for viscosity.Glycol DistearateNaturally occurring fatty acid to enhance the product texture.Tetrasodium Glutamate DiacetateNaturally derived, improves the efficacy of preservatives and antioxidants.Polyacrylamidopropyltrimonium ChlorideConditioning polymer.Polyquaternium-113Shields color-treated hair for long lasting colour retention.Sodium ChlorideSaltSodium BenzoateCommon eco-preservative.Citric AcidNatural preservative, pH-adjuster.Potassium HydroxideSurfactant to help wash away excess oil and dirt.Cetrimonium ChlorideAnti-static ammonium salts

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