Martinsson King Clean Mousse Dry Shampoo – 200ml


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Refreshing dry shampoo mousse that dries immediately for a clean finish. Instantly fresh hair: Revitalise your hair with this new cleaning and conditioning mousse. Feel and smell clean all day! Lasts all day: Dries immediately and absorbs oil and dirt for a lasting refreshed effect. No white powder: Perfect for all hair types and colours without any visible residue. Great on curly and textured hair: Applies easily to leave your hair feeling soft and frizz free. Clean and smooth fragrance: Lightly perfumed to blend with your own scent.

Pump a small palm-full amount of foam in your hands and apply with fingers starting at the roots and spreading through to the ends. Product will dry immediately and more can be applied. Style as desired.

Dry Shampoo in any form should be used sparingly – try and wash it out the same day.

Ingredient:Description:Alcohol Denat.Astringent, preservative and antimicrobial Oryza Sativa Starch Ultra-silky, transparent rice starch to absorb oil.ButaneColourless, odourless gas propellantIsobutaneColourless, odourless gas propellantDistarch PhosphateLightweight, plant-based starchPolyquaternium-4Conditioning polymerCeteareth-60 Myristyl GlycolNatural fatty acids from coconut oilLaureth-4Surfactant and emulsifier derived from coconutPropaneColourless, odourless gas propellantMagnesium StearateEmulsifying binder, thickening agent, anti-caking lubricant.Coco-BetaineNatural surfactant to hydrate skin and smooth hair.PEG-12 DimethiconePolymer for lubricationSoytrimonium ChlorideAnti-static conditioning agent.Propylene GlycolHighly effective moisturiser.Sodium BenzoateCommon preservative used for eco products.Cetrimonium ChlorideConditioning agent, anti-static, anti-frizz, and detangling.Citric AcidNatural preservative, pH-adjuster.

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