Mediceuticals Hair Restoration (DRY)


3-step program for the treatment of excessive hair loss and thinning hair.

Can be used on dry, coarse hair and a dry scalp.
Hydrates the hair and scalp without weighing the hair down.
Helps reduce excessive hair loss and thinning hair.
Stimulates the production of new hair growth.
Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.
Brings and keeps the hair follicles in optimal condition for healthy hair growth.
Gives the hair a natural shine.
Hair Restoration Kit (Dry) contains 1x HYDROCLENZ 250ml, 1x THERAPEUTIC 250ml and 1x NUMINOX 125ml.


How to use : Shampoo the scalp twice, 2nd one leaving there for 2 mins and then rinse well. Pop the conditioner into the scalp, massage in well, again leave it there for 2 mins and rinse well. After you’ve towel dried you’re hair gently, pop some of your scalp tonic into the areas where you need to increase hair density, massage in well and leave in.

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