About Trua

Trua means “Compassion” to us, and that is at the foundation of our clinic. Claire Fullam, owner of Trua, lost her hair in 2016 due to alopecia areata. Claire, very publicly, spoke about the effects this trauma had on her life – physically, mentally and emotionally. The response to Claire’s story was astonishing.

Compassion For Hair

So many women and men have let hair loss shape their lives. Claire felt by speaking out and sharing her story helped her gain the control that she lacked at that time. She spent 6 months in a wig. A wig that became her worst enemy and yet her best friend.

Slowly but surely Claire’s hair began to grow back and thankfully it has never fully fallen since. This experience lit a fire within Claire and she is now completely committed to making hair loss and the scalp her life’s work.

The Future

Claire is currently undergoing training to become a fully qualified Trichologist. This qualification and her already extensive knowledge of the scalp, hair loss treatments and wigs makes Trua a uniquely immersive experience.

Our goal is to be an empathetic, compassionate hand throughout our client’s entire journey. From her own personal experience, Trua was born.