Shower Filter 

Most of Ireland has hard water. Some areas of the country are harder than others but if you live in Ireland, I’m sorry to say you are using hard water. See that build-up around your taps or the white trails on your shower door? That build-up is on your scalp & skin too. Over time this build-up will start to irritate your scalp, distort your colour, can lead to breakage & create barriers for your products.

Why do we spend so much money on hair & skin care products only to then wash our skin and hair with hard water? Hard water is full of minerals, bacteria and pesticides that can be damaging to our scalp & hair.

Investing in a Shower Filter will dramatically reduce chlorine, bacteria pesticides and heavy metals, leaving you with clean purified water.  A healthier scalp equals healthier hair.

Another tip – everyone should be using a weekly clarify/detox shampoo. A filter cannot remove everything, so having a regular routine of expelling minerals from the scalp and hair is a fab idea too!

Our favs – K18’s Detox Shampoo, Redkens Cleansing Cream or Davines Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo.