Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis is one of the most common forms of psoriasis in the world. It’s really tricky to manage and if you’re a sufferer, you’ll know. I’m almost certain you’ve tried it all. It can be incredibly frustrating, as not one thing will work for everyone and there is some trial and error when it comes to management of it. Psoriasis isn’t something you can banish completely, it needs to be managed as best you can. There is plenty of people who have a really intense flare and then it can disappear for months, even years.

It is an autoimmune condition – which can sometimes be brought on by stress. Which is very difficult to control. If that immune reaction doesn’t calm, neither will the psoriasis.

3 things to focus on when treating Scalp Psoriasis – Lift, Cleanse and Treat. A single shampoo will rarely be able to do all 3 things for you. An exfoliator, a deeply cleansing shampoo and a treatment to tackle inflammation will work best.

Treating the inflammation and allowing the scalp to calm down, is key. If we treat the inflammation, we can slow down the hyper reproduction of cells.

Our top product to treat scalp Psoriasis is Mediceuticals Dandruff Kit – don’t let the name put you off. Its fab for psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis of the scalp. If you haven’t tried it yet – please give it a go.

On a personal level – Psoriasis can really get you down. It sometimes has huge impacts on peoples lives and the way they lead them. So trying to keep it under control is important from a personal level too.

Psoriasis and hair loss/thinning can come hand in hand. That is generally due to the congestion on the scalp, which can hinder growth and can disturb the hair growth cycle. People with scalp psoriasis sometimes put off washing their hair and scalp – this is one of the worst things we could do as it allows the scalp to become even more congested and the environment become even more disturbed. Try and keep on top of it as much as possible, that can sometimes be difficult but its for the best.

Another way to try and control flare ups is Tyrosine. It is a supplement which is used to calm the reaction and punch the nervous system gives the immune system. If you can connect your flare up with stress, then maybe this something to consider. When we are stressed, the nervous system (the system which connects to our emotions) punches its sister the immune system. The Immune system goes off on one and has a reaction/ response which in this case can be psoriasis. No topical product can stop that. So by taking Tyrosine, we can try and control the blow. If you’re on any medication – please ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice before taking any supplement.

There is almost the pharmaceutical route – so if you have tried at all, go and speak with your doctor. Aside from topical steroids, there are oral medications to help support your psoriasis too.