Oily Scalp getting you down?

It can be extremely frustrating when you feel like you have to wash your hair every day and conflicting, as for years we’ve been told “its bad to wash your hair too much”.

First of all, its absolutely not bad for your scalp to wash it regularly. It’s good for it. We see some many more issues with scalps that aren’t been cleaned enough. As long as your using decent products and the water isn’t too hard – your scalp will thank you. 

Most people who describe their scalps as oily, aren’t too oily ???? If you wash your hair and 12 hours later you could wash it again, that’s an oily scalp. If you have to wash your hair every 2 days, that’s a normal scalp. In fact, I’d even say, that’s a healthy scalp. 

You need oil to grow your hair, you need a hydrated scalp – it acts as a lubricant for the hair to pop out and grow. Think of a daffodil, if it grows underneath a bush – it cant grow to its full potential. It has been robbed of the sun and rain. The environment in which your hair grows is vitally important to the strength of your hair. Most people with oily scalps, have long, strong, shiny hair. Oil is good. 

But it has a shelf life, those natural oils will mix with aggressors and turn to bacteria after approx 50 hours – so washing it every 2/3 days is essential and if your scalp again, produces enough oil, you’ve an extremely healthy scalp

Instead of reaching for Dry Shampoo try exfoliating treatments for the scalp. Therarx is a FAB pre shampoo treatment that will remove excess sebum before washing your scalp. 

Also, turn down the temperature of the shower – scalps don’t like hot water. If you allow your scalp to be scalded – your body thinks your in the middle of the desert. It will send extra oil to protect the scalp – therefore your scalp is never oil free. 

Change your pillowcase regularly and wash your hair brush every week! 

If your scalp gets oily after 12 hours – maybe try the Oily Scalp Kit from Mediceuticals. But if you’re someone who has to wash their hair every few days, therefore don’t have an oily scalp, you have a healthy scalp!