Dry Scalp or Dandruff?

There is a huge difference between dry scalp and dandruff. In fact, they are the opposite of each other.

Dry scalp is simply dry skin. If you have a drier skin type on the rest of your body and you’re experiencing flaking on your scalp, its more than likely just dryness. If you’re someone who doesn’t have to wash their scalp regularly, because it rarely gets oily – then you have a dry scalp.

Dryness doesn’t have to be dramatic – it doesn’t need to be sore, itchy, flaky (it can be), it can be simply a dry area that doesn’t produce enough oil. A dry scalp should be addressed and aided. Hair will find it hard to grow in a dry environment. Again, think of that daffodil, if the soil gets no rain – it absolutely wont grow to its full potential. It will grow out of dry soil and be weakened on arrival. Hair can’t be brought back to its undamaged state. No shampoo, no mask can do that. Make sure when it leaves your scalp it’s the strongest it can be – and how you do that, is to make sure the scalp is hydrated.

Dandruff is at the opposite end of the scale – its the over production of oil. The oil is hyper producing and cant escape from the scalp quick enough, so it starts to form flakes and becomes packed together. In between those flakes a bacteria called Malassezia starts to grow. This causes the itch and discomfort that can be associated with dandruff. So if your hair gets oily and you notice flaking, this is more than likely dandruff.

Dandruff is important to tackle too – as leaving debris on the scalp will upset the natural hair growth cycle.

Hopefully you’ve identified your situation now.

There are 100’s of treatments out there for both conditions, a single shampoo will rarely sort it out. Dry scalps need a decent shampoo, maybe a weekly mask and a scalp moisturiser is a must! For dandruff scalps, an exfoliator, decent shampoo and a preventative topical treatment is a must!

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