Dry Shampoo

Short answer is – most people can use dry shampoo occasionally and it won’t have a negative effect on the scalp and hair growth. But we need to be responsible about it. 

Dry Shampoo can block and clog pores and follicles –  if used in excess. It should be behind a break glass unit – and only used when absolutely necessary ???? 

Most Dry Shampoos have heavy ingredients, which are fab for removing access sebum but will cause congestion on the scalp. 

Your scalp is full of natural congestion, sweat, dead skin cells, dandruff etc – but loading the scalp with unnatural congestion will absolutely, hinder growth. 

When you use Dry Shampoo, try and wash it out the same day – don’t keep loading it on! This new phenomenon of popping it onto a freshly washed scalp is damaging and irresponsible. 

Look for scalp friendly Dry Shampoos, a few of our favourites are: 

MK Invisible Cleanse

Davines Hair Refresher

Try and remove oils before the shower with Therarx instead of reaching for Dry Shampoo!