Whenever you suffer from thinning hair or hair-loss you can be sure that everyone and their Mammies will recommend Biotin. Vitamin H which is commonly referred to as Biotin is part of the B Complex Family and essentially it helps our body turn food into energy.

Biotin can definitely aid in healthy Hair and skin but most of us can get our required daily intake from our diet. There is an endless list of foods that will provide you with all the Biotin you need and these are just a few; eggs’ nuts, seeds bananas, pork, chicken, carrots, apples, lettuce.

We really are just scraping the surface in terms of the sources of Biotin out there and from the above examples you can see they are available for all dietary requirements. So, would I recommend that you take a Biotin supplement to help with hair growth? No. First of all, the evidence of the effects Biotin has on hair growth is very limited. It is only really seen to have an effect on those of us that have a Biotin deficiency and these cases are very rare. If you are convinced you have a deficiency please consult with your GP before taking any supplements.

Biotin alone will not aid in your hair growth, if you look at the supplements you need to help with hair growth as a car Biotin is just one part, let’s say the wheels for the sake of this example. Without the other parts of the car (Zinc, Vitamin C, Copper etc) it really has no use.

Supplements like Annutri Grow It, Florisene or Maxi Hair combine all these ingredients in a way that is much more beneficial to your hair.