After Baby

First things first, it is very common to experience hair-loss post pregnancy so do not worry! Now, this does not mean that it is inevitable, I personally didn’t experience it after my first baby in my early 20’s but did after my second almost five years later. I want to stress this point for all the soon to be mammies out there worried about some sort of ‘impending hair-loss’, we’re all different and we will all have different experiences.

During Pregnancy

Let’s start by taking a look at the affects to your hair during pregnancy. You will find that most woman will tell you that their hair was ‘beautiful’ and ‘the fullest it has ever been’ during pregnancy. 

This is down to the Tellagen Phase (Which is the Falling Phase) of the Growth Cycle ceasing due to increased levels of the hormone Oestrogen. So, most woman will feel like they are growing more hair during pregnancy but they are actually just losing less. 

Post Pregnancy

Post Pregnancy can feel a lot different, within 24 hours of giving birth our hormone levels are on the floor. This will be the case no matter your birthing experience, all of our beautiful pregnancy hormones will unfortunately disappear.

It isn’t really an immediate reaction; you will usually begin to see affects at the three-month mark. Whether you are a first-time mammy or a fifth time mammy we will start to see hair falling. The reason that we see this hair-fall is because of the huge dop in hormones, but it is also in my opinion down to the massive ‘change of life’. The reason this is such a massive factor is that as any Mammy will tell you it is a bloody tough road ahead. The trauma of childbirth is hard on both your body and on yourself.

We shouldn’t forget that our hair-fall will also seem more extreme because we are coming off the back of nine months of beautiful full pregnancy hair!

Steps to take

Without any intervention, without any lotions or potions many mammies will return to normal. When I say ‘normal’ do I mean it will be the same as before we had our baby? Probably not, but will our boobs look the same? Will our bums look the same? Again probably not, but your hair will get back to a stage where it is no longer falling with time. This can be extremely frustrating for new mammies as it can take from anywhere between six months to eighteen months.

However, what we can do is be proactive! Will a plan stop your hair from falling in the first place? No. Will it help your hair to regrow quicker? Probably not. But what we are doing is facilitating our body in the best way to get back to normal again. Creating a plan will allow you to create the ideal condition within your body and give you back a level of control.

I have spoken to a lot of women that tell me they have tried everything from PRP injections to Indian Head Massages. These are all good treatments but if we are not taking proper care of ourselves and our bodies, they won’t make any difference. Hormonal changes, lack of sleep, poor diet, dehydration, all the stresses of a new born baby will put a tremendous toll on our bodies. Our bodies have a list of priorities and unfortunately our hair is not high on this list. We want our hair our body doesn’t need it, if our body is in a stressed state it will begin to produce a hormone called Noradrenaline that will shrink your hair bulbs causing them to fall.

I cannot tell you how important it is to get this stress under control, I know how hard this is from my own experience, when my hair was on the floor I was inconsolable. But I found by having a plan I could take back that control.


A lot of women say to me ‘Claire I’ll have no hair left at the end of this’ but you absolutely will. You have to remember your hair is growing at 85% and falling at 15%, these numbers may change slightly but the ratio will always be largely in your favour. 

I’ve never met a woman who has gone from Teleginefluvium after birth to losing their hair. I have met woman that have gone from Telegin into Alopecia Areata due to stress, so I cannot explain how important it is to get a plan in place in order to wrestle back control and relieve that stress.

When you can say to yourself; ‘Look I’m doing everything your woman from Trua told me to do, I’m being proactive about it’ it will help to calm you down.

To finish on this I want you to remember how incredible you are for what you have just done. To create a life and take care of that life for nine months we ask so much of our bodies. It is impossible for us to expect our bodies not to have some bumps in the road. Your body is taking care of you as best it can after a traumatic experience and our hair is one of its last priorities. Rest assured your hair will return as you return to normal. To facilitate this we can create a plan together to allow you to take care of your body.